Chandel Guava Fruit Crush Drink 7 in 1 – Rs. 170 /per bottle

Chandel Guava Fruit Drink Crush (7in1) can be used to make delicious drink with water with 1:6 ratio ,1 spoon of Guava Fruit Drink Crush and 6 spoons of chilled water and  no need to add sugar.

Chandel Guava Fruit Drink Crush (7in1) is manufactured with fresh fruits with high quality & standards. “Created & Processed in Himalayas Untouched by Human Hand”.
Minimum Order Quantity: 6 Piece


  • best toppings for ice cream
  • bread spread
  • Guava Milk shake

Brand:  Chandel

Ingredients :

  • Guava Pulp
  • No Artificial Flavor


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